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Full Length Pipe Expander

  • TDT90-40/1422×12500
  • TSD

Full length mechanical pipe expander



1. Diameter accuracy and roundness of pipes meet API5L standards

2. Making the inner stress distributed. 

3. Expanding LSAW pipe step by step with expanding head.

4.1~1.5% of expansion diameter ratio

5. Full length straighten while expanding diameter

6. Machine consists of power cylinder, horn drawbar, expander-head, horn support and carrying pipe carriage

7.The expanding head consists of a multi-faced wedge, addressed as cone, drawn by means of a draw bar into a set of circumferentially arranged expander jaws.  

8. One of main machines in LSAW mill


Main Specifications



Machine type

Machine unit

Expanding type

Mechanical expander

Pipe diameter


                           Pipe length                         mm


                         Wall thickness                       mm

≤Φ559,δ=23; ≤Φ711,δ=28.6

≤Φ762,δ=34; ≤Φ762,δ=40

Typical steel grade

X70 (API)

Expansion ratio

Rang 0.8~1.5%  Optimize range 1~1.12%

Pipe accuracy after expanding

Diameter tolerance         mm


Our of roundness            mm

±≤0.25 D%

Straightness                    mm

0.2 %

                  Production efficiency                  pcs/h


                 Power of main motor                      kW


          Overall dimensions(L×W×H)             mm


                             Weight                                kg



1. The Seller has passed ISO9001 quality system certification since 1997, and always execute strictly this quality

   management system in our company and on our products.

  All products before ex-works have been strictly tested and are in conformity with technical agreement and


2. Warranty is one year since the date of B/L, or final acceptance date of heavy duty machinery. Longer warranty

   could be purchased by the user.

3. Commissioning: For heavy-duty machinery, the Seller sends technicians (electrical hydraulic & mechanical)

   to guide the installation, testing and training the operators from 7 days to 45 days after the machine  

   reaches the factory of user. But the round-trip air tickets, local accommodation and allowance

  (USD100/person·day) in the User's country will be burdened by the Buyer. The above charges do not be

   included in the offer. This clauses will be shown in the contract.

3. For middle and small standard machinery, it is easy to operate according to operating manual. The User is

   firstly suggested to carefully read operating manual, then start the machine. Any unclear issues, please feel

   free to contact the Seller.  

   If the User insists on supplying the technical service at use's factory, please refer to No.2 clauses of after-sale-


4. All products of the Seller can be tracked by Ex-works number. Spare parts can be supplied same as the former,

   which is helpful for customers'  special designing requirements.

5. Consumable parts can be supplied free of charge to customer within one year warranty from B/L date, and the

   long term technical consultant service is available.

6. Common failure could be solved by E-mail, Phone and long distance video diagnose. The User must supply full

   failure description, clear pictures and videos, if possible.

   Once the serious quality problem is appeared due to the Seller's manufacturing reason within one year since

   B/L date or final acceptance date of heavy duty machinery. The Seller will send their technician to repair it .

7. After one year warranty, the Seller will provide free technical consultation and spare parts and technician

   service at lowest cost.


Quality First, Customer First

TSD's R&D center is awarded as National R&D Center.We're pleased to get your Inquiry and we will come back to as soon as possible.

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