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NC Press Brake

The NC press brake is also called torsion bar bending machine. It is one torsion bar between two oil cylinders. The bending machine is hydraulic up moving press brake. The ram driven by left and right oil cylinders moves up and down with the punch and die, and keeps the balance in two sides through torsion bar hinged with oil cylinders.

During the operation, the two cylinders controlled by the torsion bar make sure the same angle of the bent workpiece in two sides. The working accuracy and the repeated position accuracy are high. The offset capacity is good, so it can process the workpiece with one side(not used often). The down position of the ram is controlled by the mechanical stoppers driven by the motor. The position is shown by the encoder. The work position can be adjusted according to the workpiece. The stroke of back gauge is measured by the encoder and can realize the positioning of sheet quickly.

There is the advanced hydraulic and electrical system. The top dead point and speed changing point of the ram can be adjusted fast and easily.

The ram can return when the pressure meter gives the signal according to the pressure which is set in advance.

The press brake is driven by the hydraulic power, the ram can reach inch, single, continuous operations, and have fast approaching, pressing stopping at midway and holding pressure working conditions. stop and returning function by the electrical and hydraulic system.

There is a set of standard punch and die (top and bottom tool). The width of the bottom tool is 8 times the thicness of the sheet. Special tool as option is designed for the special workpiece.

The changing of the punch is quick and reliable because of the top tool fast clamper. the crowning is set on the clamper, or on working table (option), which is used to compensate the elasticity distortion of the ram and the worktable to make sure the linear accuracy of workpiece. The value of compensation is adjusted according to the sheet thickness, material, width of V slotting to obtain the accurate angle. The method is by the experience and condition, usually the value in the middle is big, small on both sides.

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