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The press brake is used to bend metal sheet and form workpieces with various press brake tooling. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.

Its structure mainly includes a ram, left and right two uprights, a working table, left and right two oil cylinders as well as punch & die. The punch is installed on the lower part of ram with punch holder, and the die is installed on the working table. Left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the left and right uprights separately. Ram connects the piston of oil cylinders. The controller gives out the instruction, and the ram is driven by oil cylinders moves up and down.

It can be used in steel door, steel window, stainless steel decoration, electrical cabinet, chassis, steel lighting pole, electrical octagonal pole, truck bottom beam, shipbuilding, plane and other sheet metalworking industry.

The press brakes are divided into NC press brake and CNC press brake according to the synchronization movement type of oil cylinders.

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