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Tandem Press Brake

Thetandem press brakes can be used to bend really long parts, or they also can be used independently to bend smaller parts. Both press brakes can be same capacity and length, or different tonnage and length. Press brakes can be coupled to work in tandem, which might help increase productivity and throughtput.

Tandem press brakes also are CNC. Ram depth accuracy and repeatability are achieved with optical scales and CNC system.

The machines can be controlled either from a single station to act as one long press brake, or they can be operated independently as two separate press brakes.

When the press brakes are worked as a tandem set, it is critical that double machines are set up and calibrated properly. While important for single-machine setup, calibration is even more crucial for tandem brakes. This starts with the mechanical features of the press brakes: the working table, ram, punch and die.

TSD tandem press brake is widely used in the fields of lighting pole, electrical pole, tower and U shaped workpiece.

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