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CNC Press Brake

As to CNC press brake, there is not the torsion bar between two oil cylinders. We use the advanced electro-hydraulic proportional synchronous control system which consists of the two optical scales fixed on the C-frames of two uprights, CNC system, closed loop of the electro-hydraulic proportional valve. The system can control the speed and position of the ram accurately and have the advantage of high parallelism of the ram, good repeated positioning accuracy and the anti-eccentric-loading function. Under the controlling of CNC system, CNC press brake can realize fast descent, slow down, bending and holding pressure and quick returning and stop in the mid way through inch and single modes. The CNC system can be set in manual model or programming mode operation.  

The CNC press brake is equipped with punch and die. The punch and die can be designed according to the workpiece. The groove width of die is commonly 8~10 times of thickness of sheet thickness.

The working table is equipped with deflection compensating mechanism, it is used for compensating the elastic deformation of both the ram and worktable, the compensation value should be adjusted according to the different sheet metal thickness, material and groove width of lower tool in order to get a accurate bending angle tolerance of workpiece in full length, which is adjusted automatically by controlling the stroke of V axis.

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