CNC Light Pole Door Cutting Machine
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CNC Light Pole Door Cutting Machine


It is suitable for conical, octagonal light pole door CNC cutting, Also it can cut round pipe. The cutting shape can be circle, square, rectangle, elliptic type etc and any which can be draw designed by computer.
The cutting source is automatic plasma. So the cutting speed will be much fast, and cutting edge quality is better then flame cutting.    

Main parameter:

1Max. cutting length 2500mm (for once stroke cutting)
2Min pipe outer diameter 58
3Max pipe outer diameter 300,
4Plasma source Hypertherm Powermax 65
( according requirements)
5Max plasma perforation cutting thickness Base on Plasma source
6Max plasma edge cutting thicknessBase on Plasma source
7Max.cutting speed Base on Plasma source
(for one normal light pole electrical door, the cutting time is about 30~40 seconds) 30~40
8Main motor/Brand  Servo motor/Chinese,
9Main motor power 1.5kw, 1500rmp
10CNC system ADTECH HC4300
11Control axis 2 axis, X,Z,  2,X,Z
12CNC Plasma cutting torch 1 set
13Arc voltage height controller Portable CNC Plasma Torch Controller, XPTHC-Portable300
14Programming Software 1, Chinese
15Environmental temperature 0-45ºC
16Humidity <90%, no condensation
17SurroundingsVentilation, no big shake
18Input voltage
(Can be made according to buyer's country voltage requirement.)
Single phase,220V, 50HZ
Three phases, 380V, 50HZ

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