Hgk Welding Roller Stands (Adjustable)
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Hgk Welding Roller Stands (Adjustable)

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1. Application
The welding rolls frame of HGZ and HGK series designed and manufactured by the company absorbs domestics and overseas advantages of similar products. It is designed and manufactured according to using requirements for pressure vessel manufacturers. The product is applicable for manual welding and automatic welding of metal cylinder. It is featured with advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation and other advantages.
2. Main performance and specifications
The rolls frame is classified into adjustable and self-adjustable types. Each set of rolls frame is comprised of a driving mount and a driven mount. Two worm reducers of the driving wheel is synchronous operation. The reducer is made up of frequency changing motor, frequency changer and etc., featured with low noise, stable turning of work pieces. When linear velocity of work piece turning is 6M/hour to 60M/hour, central distance of adjustable or self-adjustable rolls frame can be adjusted upon customers' demand. Clamp frame of the self-adjustable rolls frame can be self-adjusted with corresponding diameter of working pieces to save labor force and increase working efficiency.
3.Technical Parameters:

ModelMax. Loading
Weight (T)
Applicable Cylindrical
Diameter (mm)
Metal Roller Diameter
and Width
Roller Liner
Power of
Distance Adjustable TypeSpeed Regulation Mode
Frequency Conversion Stepless Speed Regulation
1.motor is made by Shandong Rushan.
2.gearbox brand is Hangzhou Yixin.
3.Electric element is made by SEMIENS
4.Customer can choose the colour.
5.Inverter is made by Taiwan Holip
6.Supply range:drive rotator,idle rotator,electric control box and hand control box.
7.All motors and reducers are coverd

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