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High Mast Assembly &Straightening Machine


This machine is suitable for following process of high mast making

  1. The Three hydraulic cylinder clamping two pieces parts of high mast and do spot welding process.

  2. Press the high mast to making the bottom area round shape, in order to assemble the bottom flange

  3. Press the high mast for straightening after welding or after welding and Hot Dip Galvanizing process

MAIN TECHNICAL FEATURES                                

Max, diameter of the pole
3Working forceKN1200
4 Max strokeMm850
5Max distance from rod to worktableMm1650
6 Two-side cylinder output forceKN300X2
7 lateral cylinder strokemm600
8  Movement distance from upper to lower for  two-side cylindermm600
9Max working pressureMPa25
10 Height above ground of  worktablemm350
11 Column inner distancemm1900
12() Total motor powerkW22+5.5
13 Weightkg7000
14Overall sizemm1500*3000*2500

:Technical explain:
1,,,,.The machine is triple-beam and working table structure, main cylinder is installed on the central of upper beam to do up and down. Two side-cylinder is installed in vertical column and it can move up and down.
2,,,.All the actions are manual mode, which means when press corresponding button, relevant action will be made and stop after release, and cylinder on two sides can also be operated separately or simultaneously.
3,,.Two supporting rollers are installed in the work table's anteroposterior position , in order to the pole go forward and backward easily.

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