Gantry Type Welding Machine for High Mast
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Gantry Type Welding Machine for High Mast


Gantry Type Welding Machine for High mast, model:HWG-1800/4000
Application: final welding process for high mast longitudinal weld-seam

  • Technical Parameter

:Gauge3000mm(or 4000mm)
:rail length15000mm (or according requirements)
:mast diameter300-1800mm
:mast length12000mm(or according requirements)
:wire diameter3.2-5mm
:wire speed250-1200mm/min(,bi-side driving, variable-frequency stepless speed control)
:powermotor power:10KW(, not including welding machine power)
mm:  dimension××(2830×4450×3695)
  • Component configuration supplied by seller

  1. YDS100-41 travel driving motor :YDS100-4 low speed motor 1 set

  2. SCWS-08-1.1W1welding lifting choose SCWS-08-1.1W deceleration machine 1 set

  3. 1,1,11×5 flux recovery      fitting 1 set, powder bucket 1 set, suction 1 piece, sucker 1×5m

  4. MZG-10001 submerged arc welding machine 1 set

  5. 140mm2, 32(=25+7),Welding ground wire, 140mm2, 32m.

  6. 1()arc guidance 1 sets(including welding gun)

  7. 7 cable movement pulley

  8. 10# ,15,, 10# H beam, 15m, for cable movement pulley

  9. 1,1 electrical apparatus box 1 set control box 1 set

  10. 24kg30,24Kg rail 30m ( according stroke x2 +6m)

  • technical documents

  1. ()Whole machine foundation drawing

  2. (,,V)machine instructions (electrical appliance diagrams, line hanger drawing, V frame drawing)

  • Parts should be prepared by buyer

A,.Make base for rail according to supplied information
200x150x16mm, 40,,800mm ,,.200x150x16mm, steel plate,40piece, make holes on both side for ground bolts fixing, 800mm distance,do same leveling.
B,.Supporting frame for gliding wire.
C,V Welding V frame or welding roller stand.
D,(20)lubrication for deceleration machine (machine oil 20#)
E,3×16mm2+1X10 mm235 Power cable 3×16mm2+1X10mm2,35m

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