C Frame Hydraulic Power Press (YTT21-200T)
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C Frame Hydraulic Power Press (YTT21-200T)

  • YTT21-200T
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C Frame Hydraulic Power Press
Model YTT21-200T
Main Specifications
Nominal pressure 2000KN
Slide stroke 250mm
Stroke number 20-40  n/minute
Max.shut height  550mm
Stroke height    370mm
Adjustable value of installing tool height 200mm
Distance between center of slide and machine body 520mm
Table size 1000mm×1150mm
Table size of blanking hole Ø220mm
Slide face size 580mm×620mm
Size of Tool adapter hole  Diameter Ø 70mm × Depth 80mm
Motor power      18.5 kW
Power supply   440 V/3 Phase / 60 Hz
Net weight        22,000kg

Working environment of machine
Power supply: 440 V/3 Phase / 60 Hz 
Temperature: -10ºC~+40ºC

Max.moisture: ≤20%
Workshop environment: cleaning without dust
Protection grade IP54

Mechanical structure of machine
The machine is composed of main machine, cooling system and control system. Connect the main machine and control system into a complete machine through piping and electrical system. The main motor is composed of machine body, main oil cylinder and liquid filling device. The control system is composed of power mechanism, displacement sensor, upper and lower limit position, pipeline and electrical control cabinet. The various parts and function are described as follows:
1. Machine body
The machine body is welded with high quality steel and tempered. The accuracy of the machine is adjusted by the adjusting nut, the sliding block is connected by the piston rod ball head of the main cylinder, the sliding block adopts rectangular six-sided guide rail, which is guided up and down by the guide seat, and the sliding block and the working table are provided with T groove to facilitate the installation of the mold.

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