3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine with Prebending (W11XNC Series)
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3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine with Prebending (W11XNC Series)

  • W11XNC Series
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3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine with Prebending (W11XNC Series)

- The top roll moves up and down
- Two bottom rolls move horizontally.

- 1. The machine is the level adjusted three rolls plate bending machine with pre-bending. It can be finished for plate end pr-bending and plate rolling without U-turn after plate is loaded one time.
- 2. Three rolls of machine are main driving rolls with the following advantages:
No slipping happens at rolling thin sheet, and extending the range of rolling plate. It is better for that three rolls are all main driving rolls than that top roll or two bottom rolls are independent driving rolls.
- 3. The material of three rolls is 50Mn, which are forged and HB220~260thermal refined with high mechanical property, high strength, wear resistance and long life.
- 4. The bearing at working roll end uses the aligning roller bearing with large loading capacity, which can reduce the power loss arisen by friction so as to save the energy. Due to using the aligning roller bearing, the inclining of top roll is very convenient, and is easy to roll cone.
- 5. There is brake device for rotary of three working rolls to ensure the precisely position of rolling work piece.
- 6. The lifting of top roll and horizontal moving of two bottom rolls are controlled by computer, which can be leveled automatically and displayed on screen. Synchronous precision: ± 0.2mm.
- 7. The top roll can be dropped one side, and can be lifted at the same time under the dropped state of top roll so as to roll the cone.
- 8. There is the charging plate alignment device to prevent the disalignment of feeding plate and the misalignment of produced roller end so as to improve the quality of produced work piece.
- 9. It has the moving type independent operating station, and the position of three working rolls is displayed on the screen for the conveniently operating of operator.
- 10. The control system of machine is PLC of OMRON, Japan which has the following functions:
Man-machine conversation;
Breakdown self diagnosis display & misoperation intelligent discriminant;
Monitor the each part of machine;
Monitor logic processing & protection for each part of machine;
With memory function in case of power-down;
Running stably
Antijamming capability

- 11. The two bottom rolls of machine has the function of returning the middle position, and there is the programme of automatic returning middle position in the computer to ensure the symmetry of two bottom rolls to top roll at rolling.
- 12. The sensor for the lifting of top roll and horizontal moving of two bottom rolls is the displacement sensor with high precision to ensure the position precision and the monitor of each roll.
- 13. Main electrical components of strong current are from Schneider with long life and trouble-free time long
- 14. Main valves of hydraulic system are from Northman, Taiwan or YUKEN with
Large discharging, slight fluid resistance, low pressure loss, small heat
- 15. Joints of hydraulic pipeline are new hydraulic compact joints with reliable radial seal to ensure unleaking of hydraulic system.
- 16. There is the filter of absorbing oil and returning oil to ensure the cleanness of hydraulic system. The air filter in hydraulic system can ensure the normal breathing and water evaporation of oil tank. There is double ways of safety protection devices to ensure the using safety of machine.
- 17. Dropped oil cylinder is installed in the bearing of drop-end and the drop-end can fall and stand up so as to take the work piece out. It has the interlock device for drop and reset for overturn bearing. After the overturn bearing is overturned, other action is the armed state. The action can be reset only after the reset of overturn bearing so as to safety protection.
- 18. There is the balance mechanism at the tail of top roll.

Main specifications

                       Model    ParametersW11XNC Series
Max. rolling width (mm)320025003200200025002500320030003200250032003000
Max. prebending thickness(mm)81212161625253232404050
Yield strength of plate(MPa)245245245245245245245245245245245245
Min. rolling diameter at max. plate thick and width(mm)45080080080012001200150012001800180020003000
Top roll diameter(mm)380380400380380420560550610610640740
Bottom roll diameter(mm)240240300240300350380360450450550600
Center distance between two bottom rolls(mm)320320400320400450480500700700700850
Rolling speed(m/min)554544544.
Working pressure of hydraulic system  (MPa)161616201816161616161616
Main motor power(KW)18.518.53718.518.515304537375575
Overal dim. (L× W× H)(m)      6.77*2.17 *1.86.07*2.17*1.86.5* 2.6*1.825.57* 2.17* 1.86.24*2.13*26.3 *2* 2.17.5*2.95*3.57.4*2.8*3.27.72*3.3*  46.72*3.3* 410.1*3.7*4.610.3*3.75*4.81

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