Characteristics and usage of 3 roll plate bender
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Characteristics and usage of 3 roll plate bender

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Characteristics and usage of 3 roll plate bender

3 roll plate bender has a wide range of applications in the construction field and is an essential and important machine in construction sites.This article will mainly introduce the characteristics and usage of the 3 roll plate bender.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Characteristics of 3 roll plate bender

Usage of 3 roll plate bender

Characteristics of 3 roll plate bender

3 roll plate bender

The machine consists of up roller,down roller,frame,dumping part,centring device,power system,hydraulic system and electrical system.

The parts of the machine are welded with a thermal treatment to make sure that there is a good strength and rigidity.

The up roller is installed in two bearing box which are located inside of the frame,which is driven by cylinder. The self-aligning bearing is used. The up and down of the up roller is controlled by computer with an accuracy of ±0.2mm. the up roller can be up and down in tilted state to operate cone shape,the synchronization accuracy is ±0.2mm,the most tilted stroke≤50mm.

The two down rollers are located inside of the frame driven by the cylinder,the synchronization accuracy is ±0.2mm.the self-aligning bearings with slow speed and heavy load are used.

There is an unloading device with an unloading cylinder. There is a balance device on the back of the up roller.

All the operation is on the shift panel,the position of the up and down rollers are displayed in the screen.

The three rollers are positive,within the up roller is main driving roller. It can work under the Max. load. the two down rollers are aid driving rollers,which can prevent the plate from sliding. The linear speed of the rollers are matched automatically by the hydraulic system.

The up roller is driven by the motor through planetary reducer in drawing 2.there is a brake to ensure the postion.

 3 roll plate bender

The down rollers are driven by the motor with gear in drawing 3.

It is used to drive the up and down rollers,to raise the up roller on one side or two sides,drive the dumping part and the tilting cylinder. The details are in the hydraulic system.

The power is three phases 380V and 50HZ and is turned in 220V,110V through transformer. The machine is controlled by PLC,details in the electrical system.


Usage of 3 roll plate bender

The machine is used for forming the metal plate into different round and arc and tapered workpiece with aid device,which is used in the aircraft, plane, automobile, light, engineering tool and mine industry.



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