Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine (TXW12-60X3000)
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Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine (TXW12-60X3000)

  • TXW12-60X3000
  • TSD

- CNC Four rollers hydraulic plate rolling machine
- With Prebending
- Prebending & rolling can be automatically achieved one time on one working cycle.
- Top roller is powered roller
- Lifting of bottom roller and two side rollers driven hydraulically
- Displacement of bottom roller and two side rollers lifting controlled by CNC
- Display on screen for displacement
- Synchronous precision ±0.1mm
- Balance at the tail of top roller for conveniently unloading finished workpiece
- Independent operating station
- with safety interlocking

Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine (TXW12-60X3000)

- Bending of conical and cylindrical shells available
- Two side rollers makes arc moving by hydraulic cylinder
- With electrical synchronous system to avoid misalignment
- Permanent free lubricating technology in the life of bearing
- Adjustable clamping force without slipping, whose efficiency is higher 50~80% than 3-roller plate bending

- Rear side roller at lifting can align sheet to ensure minimum difference for each cylindrical shell

- Shortest straight edge by prebending of front side roller in arc moving
- Convenient cone bending with larger taper
- Arc swing side roller with enlarger forming force under level effect
- Synchronization for two sides of pressing roller by proportional valve with higher rolling precision
- Easy operation

Main specifications:
Model TXW12-60*3000
Control CNC
Diameter of top roller Φ670mm
Max.bending thickness 60mm
Max.prebending thickness 50mm
Max.bending length 3000mm
Driving mode of
working roller
Top and bottom roller driven
by hydraulic motor
Rolling speed About 4m/min
straight edge
≤1.5 times of plate thickness
Min.rolling diameter Φ1675mm
Total power 75KW


Main configuration

Name Contents
Bearing Type Heavy roll double row self-aligning ball bearing
supplier Wanfangdian bearing factory
Material 42CrMo
Hardness HB260-300
supplier Huaxiang special steel, Jiangsu,China
Basement and
Side machine frame
Material Q235A
Processing mode Welding, stress relief and processing by CNC milling and boring machine
supplier Kaian,Jiangsu, China
supplier Xinhong,Ningbo,China
Motor Type Y series
supplier Jiangyin Kaicheng/Shandong kaiyuan,China
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump Type Gear pump
supplier Hefei hydraulic component factory
valve supplier Yuken
Main oil cylinder Cylinder body & piston 45steel, HB217-255.
supplier Jiangdu,China
Seal ring UN
supplier D-Z,Taiwan
Main electrical component SIEMENS
Touch screen Customerized by manufacturer
CNC controller 10 axis
Electrical ruler OMRON
Software China

- Internal lifting frame
- Outer supporting frame

Scope of supply

  1. machine body

  2. electrical system

  3. hydraulic system

  4. lubricating equipment

Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine (TXW12-60X3000)


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