Working principle and operation method of tack welding machine
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Working principle and operation method of tack welding machine

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Working principle and operation method of tack welding machine

Tack welding machine plays an important role in many fields. Many people do not know how tack welding machine works and how to operate tack welding machine. This article will take you through these.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

Purpose and main performance characteristics of tack welding machine

Operation procedure and adjustment method of tack welding machine



1. Purpose and main performance characteristics of tack welding machine

This machine is the online key equipment of submerged arc welded pipe production line. It is located behind the forming machine and before the inner and outer welding machines. It is to form the qualified open tube blank of the molding machine, and further seam and tack welding machine to prepare for internal and external welding.

The working principle of the machine is: the tube blank is fed into the machine by the conveying roller, after being centered, lifted, and rotated to the upper position, and then dropped onto the conveying roller, then the chain-driven feeding car is forced into the host machine, the host machine The main indenter, auxiliary indenter and supporting roller form a standard circular space. When the tube blank passes through this space, the joint is welded and welded under the pressure of the indenter.

This machine is a special equipment for pipe making, which is suitable for jointing and pre-welding of oil-gas pipes and straight-seam steel pipes.

2. Operation procedure and adjustment method of tack welding machine

According to the whole working process of the steel pipe after entering the machine to the steel pipe sending machine, the adjustment method of the machine is described.

The working procedure of tack welding machine is as follows:

Steel pipe tube embryo inlet:

Determination of the stop position of the steel pipe: the center of the length of the steel pipe blank should be stopped at the center of the two rotating rollers. The machine adopts a proximity switch to detect the position of the pipe end. For a batch of steel pipes of equal length, adjust the proximity switch to a certain position When the front end of the steel pipe runs to this position, the center of the steel pipe in the longitudinal direction stops at the middle position of the two conveying rollers.

Cupping and rotation of steel tube blanks:

1. Cupping of steel tube blanks: Before lifting the steel tube, the center distance between the two rollers of each pair of rotating rollers must be adjusted according to the diameter of the steel tube and the total weight of the steel tube; and the main pressure of the driving cylinder of the lifting frame must be adjusted.

2. Rotation of the steel tube blank: The purpose of rotating the tube blank is to rotate the opening of the tube blank to the uppermost position (people often say "right 12 o'clock"). Due to the opening in the tube blank, the rotation angle of the steel tube is less than 180º; the direction of rotation can be forward or reverse, determined by the operator according to the specific situation. The stop position of the steel pipe is also determined visually by the operator. Since there is a guide tube for the opening of the tube blank in front of the host, the position of the opening is not strict.

The pusher truck quickly returns: When the welding is completed, the pusher truck quickly returns, whether the rotating roller is rotating the steel pipe or the steel pipe is being conveyed forward, the pusher truck can pass under the steel pipe to the predetermined The position stops.

The preparation work before closing has been completed. The tube blank can be forced into the space formed by the lower idler roller, the main indenter pressure roller and the auxiliary indenter pressure roller installed on the base of the host machine under the push of the pusher for seaming and welding.

The adjustment of the main engine organizations, the adjustment principles and methods are described as follows:

Adjust the height position of the semi-annular slider, the center height of the semi-annular slider is the same as the center of the horizontal pressure roller, adjust it to the same height as the center of the steel pipe; determine the position of the pressure head cylinder piston, adjust the position of the cylinder piston, and make the steel pipe close At the time, the distance from the piston to the cylinder port is 5 to 10mm. And adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system according to the pipe diameter and wall thickness. The principle is that the lower the pressure, the better under the condition of ensuring the joint.

Weld seam welding of steel pipe: After the adjustment of the host machine, the steel pipe can enter the host machine. When the pipe end exceeds the center of the third pressure roller, the indenter cylinder pressurizes, when the end of the steel pipe is opened at the fourth pressure roller It should be closed completely. Continuous welding can be carried out after the fourth roll. Until the welding ends, the cylinder is relieved of pressure, the steel pipe enters the discharge roller table, and the discharge roller table rotates to send the steel tube out of the machine.

Precautions during machine operation

1). The hosting height of the supporting roller of the host machine must be slightly higher than the feeding height of the conveying roller, otherwise the force of the indenter will be transmitted to the conveying roller wheel through the steel pipe after the pressure head cylinder is pressurized, and the supporting mechanism of the conveying roller is likely to be damaged ;.

2) When adjusting the pressure of the indenter cylinder, there must be steel pipe support under the indenter; in any case, the indenter without steel pipe support must not be pressurized;

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