What is the function of mechanical expander?
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What is the function of mechanical expander?

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What is the function of mechanical expander?

In pipe manufacturing, there are several steps and machines to convert raw material to the final product. Mechanical expander and hydro tester are two essential machines of it, cost-wise as well as need-wise. The mechanical pipe expander for a step-by-step expanding of steel pipes formed with a spiral welded seam. This article will introduce you to more detailed information about what is the mechanical expander and its function.


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What is expanding

Before learning about what the mechanical expander is, we should first be familiar with expanding. The terms expanding and the expander which is the machine used to perform the process has been introduced by Anderson International Corp in the sixties of the last century. Today, a number of suppliers have adopted the system with various modifications. Primarily, the expander consists of a cylindrical horizontal housing with a rotating shaft with a screw-like shape. During the expanding process, the temperature may rise up to > 150°C starting from the ambient temperature. Due to a very short retention time of the product in the expander of approximately 1 minute, this heat treatment has hardly any negative impact on the product, in particular protein quality.

Upon discharge of the pressurized product into the atmosphere, intense flash evaporation of the water in the seed can be observed. The flash evaporation destroys some of the cellular structure of the seed thus giving access to the oil droplets within the seed and improving the oil yield in the subsequent oil separation process. The flash evaporation also creates new capillaries in the product to improve diffusion and mass transfer processes during solvent extraction. The capillaries make the product more porous, as it expands at the discharge of the machine. This phenomenon gave the machine and the process its name.



What is the mechanical expander?

Mechanical expander consists of cylinder-piston assembly, cone, and dies. Piston reciprocates in the boom. Boom acts as a casing of the piston to protect it. Over the piston on the other side, there is an attachment of a cone that can easily assemble and dis-assemble from the piston.

Cone is having an angular cross-section that is nearer to 4 degrees or it can be made according to the requirement. Dies are attached to the cone with the help of liners. Liners facilitate die to reciprocate inside and outside. Grooves are provided on the cone where liners can be attached easily with the help of bolts. Liners are generally having a T cross-section over which dies can easily move forward and backward.

Hydraulic oil is supplied from the reservoir to the pump. The pump supplies hydraulic oil to the cylinder via a control valve, by which the piston can move forward and backward in the cylinder. An expander can expand the pipe from 1 mm to few centimeters. Hydraulic energy is converted to mechanical energy to perform the task in the case of an expander.



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