Dn10-Dn300 S304 Tube Expander
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Dn10-Dn300 S304 Tube Expander

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Pipe specifications:
pipe diameter:Φ100-Φ325 mm
wall thickness:5.0-10.0 mm
Steel grade:Q235,Q345,304,316L
pipe length: 800-12000 mm
Ovality is not more than 0.8% D

Main technical specifications of pipe end expander
1)Expanding rare:range 0.8%-1.5%
Optimum range 1%-1.12%
2)Accuracy range of pipe after expanding:
Diameter tolerance: mm(measuring circumference)
Ovality:0.6% D(expanding rate is not lower than 0.8%)
3)Expanding length:length of effective flat section:50 mm
4)Capacity of main oil cylinder:2000KN
5)Motor power of hydraulic station & oil pump unit:5 KW
6)Motor power of lubricating system:0.025 KW
7)Adjustable height of lifting mechanism:200mm
8)Working voltage:380V/50Hz 3Phases +PE
Control voltage:220VAC
Control voltage of hydraulic valve unit:24VDC

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