Composition and operation of pipe hydrostatic tester
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Composition and operation of pipe hydrostatic tester

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Composition and operation of pipe hydrostatic tester

The pipe hydrostatic tester is composed of mobile end, fixed end, tensile beam (four), lifting centering device, clamping device, step feeding, high pressure water system, low pressure water system, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. The structure of the pipe hydrostatic tester components is introduced as follows.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Device structure description

Device action process description



Device structure description

1 Mobile terminal:

The mobile end is composed of a mobile welding base, a walking mechanism, a test head, an exhaust valve, a bolt positioning device, and a mobile hydraulic station.

The mobile welding base is a welding structure, and the main hydraulic cylinder, the auxiliary hydraulic cylinder, the bolt positioning device and the mobile hydraulic station are all mounted on it.

The walking mechanism is driven by a hydraulic motor through a gear. The driving shaft of the walking mechanism is equipped with a gear and the rail is equipped with a rack, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the stroke. Driven by the walking mechanism, the mobile support walks on the track on the upper surface of the down beam to achieve its positioning adjustment function to meet the needs of length and length, and the adjustment range meets the needs of the tube length of 8m-12m.

The positioning device of the movable support pin is composed of four cylindrical pins, four sets of hydraulic cylinders and their hinged pin shafts. A set of hydraulic cylinders is responsible for the insertion and extraction of a pin. This action is only used when changing specifications, and is done by mobile operation.

2 Fixed end

The fixed end is composed of a fixed support, a main oil cylinder, a side oil cylinder, a low-pressure water-sealing valve group, and a high-pressure water unloading valve group.

The fixed support is a welded part, which is positioned and connected with the tensile beam by four cylindrical pins. Both the low-pressure water-sealing valve block and the high-pressure water unloading valve block are fixedly installed at the tail portion, which is convenient for maintenance. The valve stem, valve seat and coupling parts of the low-pressure water sealing valve group and the high-pressure water unloading valve group are all stainless steel parts.

The fixed support device performs the functions of sealing the steel pipe end, filling low-pressure water, filling high-pressure water, establishing the test pressure and balancing the test pressure of the steel pipe under the action of the main hydraulic cylinder.

The main oil cylinder is a plunger cylinder, installed in a fixed support, in order to withstand the total pressure of the steel pipe test, the pressure in the cylinder can be changed at any time with the change of the internal water pressure of the steel pipe through the electro-hydraulic proportional system, to ensure the balance of its pressure and the test pressure. The plunger and cylinder body are forgings, and the seal in the cylinder adopts standard seals for easy maintenance.

There are two auxiliary hydraulic cylinders, which are horizontally arranged on the left and right sides of the pressing center of the fixed support, which are used for the forward and backward movement of the test head and the main hydraulic cylinder.

The fixed support hydraulic station is installed on the top of the mobile support, so that the main hydraulic cylinder can be quickly filled with hydraulic oil when it moves forward, and the large stroke hydraulic pipeline is reduced, and the layout is more reasonable.

3 Tensile beam

Tensile beams are box-shaped tensile beams welded from steel plates, a total of four. The two ends of the four tension beams are respectively connected with the movable support and the fixed support by cylindrical pins. The moving support device can move in a rectangular frame and is locked on the positioning hole of the tension beam with a pin. The tensile beam is an integral welded structure.


4 Lifting the alignment device

The device is composed of two devices: fixed and mobile. The fixed lift is installed near the fixed end, the mobile lifting centering device is installed on the mobile stepping device, and it can walk on its track with the moving step. Cylinder drive.

The lifting roller is composed of a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a V-shaped supporting roller mounted on the bearing seat, and a lifting guide column. When the lifting device is working, the steel pipe is placed on the V-shaped idler, and the hydraulic cylinder drives the V-shaped idler seat to rise and fall, adjust the stroke of the lifting idler according to the different diameter of the steel pipe, and center the steel pipe and the hydraulic press. During the adjustment, only the pipe diameter needs to be input on the touch screen, and the position of the supporting roller can be automatically adjusted through the displacement sensor of the lifting oil cylinder.

5 Clamping device

The clamping and pulling device consists of an upper chuck and a lower chuck, all driven by hydraulic cylinders.

The upper chuck is installed on the upper tension beam, and the lower chuck is installed on the lower tension beam. The clamping device embraces the steel pipe during the pressure test of the steel pipe to prevent the deformation of the steel pipe when it is compressed. The clamping force can be adjusted at any time from the touch screen according to the wall thickness of the steel pipe.

6 Step feeding device

The step feeding device is used to receive the steel pipe from the crane, and it is the equipment to transport the steel pipe to the pressure test position of the hydraulic test machine and out.

The stepping feeding device is composed of a fixed stepping device and a moving stepping device, and is composed of a horizontally moving beam, a walking track and a walking mechanism. The moving step also has special tracks for moving when the length of the steel pipe changes.

The walking mechanism is driven by a reduction motor, a transmission shaft, a sprocket, and a chain. The walking mechanism only moves in steps and uses a stroke switch for positioning.

7 End seal

The face seal is suitable for pipeline testing with a test pressure of 3-25MPa. The end seal of this set of hydraulic press adopts polyurethane ring seal ring, and the ring pressure plate is pressed tightly. A specification adopts a kind of sealing ring, referring to the API standard, a total of 17 sets.


Device action process description

The steel pipe is hoisted into the step-feeding device by the driving vehicle-the stepping trolley feeds to the pressure test station, the lifting and centering device is raised to the pressure test centerline, the indenter is moved forward, and the steel pipe is tightened-the steel pipe is filled with water and the exhaust-closed. Water valve and exhaust valve—booster pressurizes to set value—hold pressure, display, record pressure value, print pressure curve, save pressure test record—unload—moving head backward—clamping device reset—pull out —The drop of the trusteeship device—The return of the step feeding device moves the steel pipe out of the main station of the hydraulic press—The crane lifts the steel pipe



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