A brief introduction to crimping press machine
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A brief introduction to crimping press machine

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A brief introduction to crimping press machine

The crimping press machine is widely used in structural pipe and oil & gas pipe production mill and plays an important role in the industry. Today's article will take you to know what is the crimping press machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Working principle of crimping press machine

  • Structure and features of crimping press machine


1. Working principle of crimping press machine:

Working principle of crimping press machine is makes steel plate that the steel plate was milled by plate edge milling machine section by section send into upper die between down die of crimping press machine the pipe to change into bending under the dies pressure,  the relation position of if replace, adjust for dies whom get .


2. Structure and features of crimping press machine

This crimping press machine consists of main machine and secondary equipment. Two sets of conveying rolls are placed at inlet and outlet of crimping press machine, which has centering and step-feeding function, cooperating with main machine to assure normal working of crimping press. Main machine including: frame, bed, cylinder unit, lower tool beam, clamping beam, tool, tool moving mechanism, supporting roll between frames, tool replacing mechanism, platform; hydraulic unit, lubrication system, electrical system. Secondary mechanism: conveying roll, centering device.

(1) Frame of crimping press machine: the frame has two relative C type frames, and up-part, middle-part, down-part for C type respectively. It is an integrated that the tow tension columns through connect with up, middle, down parts clamping-beam. The C type frame are used as installing oil-cylinder unit, upper-die-beam, lower-die-beam, clamping-beam, die, moving-device of die, die change system etc. there is the hydraulic station installing on the overhead platform of C type frame.

(2) Bed of crimping press machine: It is supported by sizing block, fixed by foundation bolts, consisted of left and right two parts. Which can contact to a whole by bolts, two guide rails of pedestal are installing sliding surface of basal surface for frame. The material of lead rail is medium carbon steel and quenching, which has enough compressive resistance and wear-ability. There are 2 rails on bed, one rail has two laterals of side guide-rails of bed Guide-surface is guide-surface to supply moving guide for frame, and the other side guide-rail to be supporter. The each C type frame set on four rams, of it is the guide effect that the match with both side of two rams and guide way. 2 rams at other side only slide on rail. At each side of ram, there is one screw rod(s), which are driven by one set of gear motor. The screw rods drive screw nuts under C-type frame to render C-frame moves inside or outside direction.

(3) Oil-cylinder unit of crimping press machine: it is an integrated unit. There is a cylinder unit at each C-type-frame. Each oil-cylinder unit includes three oil-cylinders, big-oil-cylinder is plate-edge crimping cylinder, it is a compound cylinder that has plunger and piston. The low-die-beam and low-die rest on end-face of piston rod, the spring connects piston rod through hook head two platens, 2 Guiding devices are placed at both sides of cylinder, guiding rod is connected with low-die-beam, and guiding bush of guiding rod is installed oil-cylinder unit. 2 clamping cylinders are placed symmetrically at front of crimping cylinder unit, which is plunger-type-cylinder, and the clamping-beam is at top-face of plunger.

(4) Lower tool beam and clamp beam of crimping press machine: the lower tool beam is solid square steel with enough strength and rigidity. Lower tool beam is installed on the cylinder unit, the soft connection is adopted between centers of lower tool beam and crimping cylinder’s piston, at the 2 sides there are guiding bush, inside which the guiding rod slides. At 2 sides of low tool beam fixed 2 guiding plates, at the front of guiding plates; the formed guiding grooves are used to make the clamp beam move which is fixed upon end face of clamp cylinder unit. At the top of low tool beam there are low tool supporter and low tool.

(5) Tool and tool moving mechanism of crimping press machine: in order to make pipe with diameter fromф508-ф1422, 5 sets of up tools and 2 sets of low tools are needed. The 1# up tool matches 1# and 2# low tool, 2# low tool matches 3#,4# and 5# up tools.

(6) Supporting roll between frames of crimping press machine: there are a group of rolls along clamping beam, the height is same as inlet and outlet rolls, and there is another group of feeding assisting roll to avoid warpages of overwide plate.

(7) Tool changing mechanism of crimping press machine: the tool changers are at inlet and outlet of frame. The up tool installing frame at the inlet side can be level or put up. Generally speaking, the frame has to put up in order to give way for plate feeding. It is put down only during tool changing. After the tool changing frame is down, its top surface and up tool installation surface will be at same surface. The up and down of tool installing frame is finished by crane.

(8) Plat form of crimping press machine: in order to place the hydraulic unit near to hydraulic components, there are 2 plat forms at the top of right and left frames, the hydraulic units are placed on the plat from and the ladders are available for the operator’s down and up.

(9) Feeding roll of crimping press machine: There are inlet and outlet rolls, the inlet rolls are used to feed edge-milling completed plate to crimping, including 14 units of active rolls, the outlet rolls are used to feed the plate to next step, including 13 units of active rolls.

(10) Centering mechanism of crimping press machine: The edge milling finished plate has been well and precisely centered, then, the centering mechanism of crimping press only play a role of guiding, including 3 units at inlet and outlet sides.

Our crimping press machine is compact and reasonable in structure, and has been successfully applied in large diameter longitudinal seam arc welded pipe mill (LSAW pipe mill). Practice has proved that our crimping press machine has low failure rate and easy operation, which shortens the maintenance time of the unit and improves the working efficiency of the whole unit. If you need crimping press machine, hydraulic presspress brake, please contact us as soon as possible.

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