Main structure of pipe forming press
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Main structure of pipe forming press

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Main structure of pipe forming press

The main structure of pipe forming press is the main content of this paper. Pipe forming press (including punch press and hydraulic press) is a versatile press with exquisite structure. Pipe forming press is widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.The main structure and working principle of the machine

2. Structure and working principle of the main components of the machine


1.The main structure and working principle of the machine

The main structure of this machine is shown in Figure 7-1, which is composed of electrical system, slider, hydraulic cylinder, frame, working table, hydraulic system, mold, foundation and auxiliary mechanism.

The auxiliary mechanism is shown in Figure 7-2. It mainly includes 1 set of front and rear support racks, 1 set of front and rear CNC feeding devices, 1 set of hydraulic ejector, 1 set of circulating side discharge device, and 1 set of motorized side support rack.

This machine adopts double-cylinder hydraulic transmission to drive the slider down to complete the bending operation. The signal is given by the CNC system to control the opening and closing of the hydraulic valve to drive the slider downward, and the grating ruler installed on both sides of the machine tool detects the downward position of the slider and feeds it back to the CNC system. By changing the size of the electrical signal, the opening size of the valve is controlled, and the running and stopping positions of the slider are adjusted to achieve the control precision and repeated positioning accuracy of the slider, so as to ensure the precise angle of the folded workpiece. The mold is the key to tube forming. The round head mold can be used to form a cylindrical tube with a step-by-step folding method. The stepping distance is generally between 50 and 80 mm. The stepping distance of the folded thin plate is small, and the stepping distance of the thick plate is large.

2. Structure and working principle of the main components of the machine

The main machine frame is assembled by left and right uprights, upper beams, and workbench, which is convenient for transportation, installation and debugging.

There is a deflection compensation mechanism on the worktable as shown in Figure 7-3. The servo device 5 at the end of the worktable can flexibly control the pre-convex amount of the workbench panel 1. The maximum pre-convex amount is 8.8 mm. The adjustment method of the pre-convex amount is mainly The user inputs a value to the numerical control system according to the angle error of the actual processed workpiece. The numerical control system will automatically adjust the pre-convex amount of each oblique iron to meet the user's requirements. This value is obtained after comparison.

The hydraulic cylinder and slider are the main moving parts of the bending machine. The structure of the hydraulic cylinder is shown in Figure 7-4. It is mainly composed of the cylinder body, cylinder bottom and piston rod. The dynamic seal is imported from Japan and has good sealing performance.

The mold is a key component of the bending machine. The structure is shown in Figure 7-5. The upper mold is divided into several sections and can be synthesized in different lengths. This machine prepares round head upper die for R30, R40, R50, R55. According to the size of the forming pipe diameter, different circular arc upper dies can be used to reduce the number of forming times. The lower die has a slot-shaped plug-in board structure, and different slot widths are opened on the top, and the slot widths are 160, 180, 200,... 600, etc. respectively. It is convenient for folding different board thicknesses, and the slot width is generally 8-12 times the board thickness. The wider the lower die groove, the smaller the bending force and the greater the straight edge. (See the bending pressure gauge for nailing on the machine tool).

The front and rear feeding devices are each driven by a motor, and the pusher trolley is driven by the reducer-universal coupling-sprocket-chain to send the steel plate into the folding area. It can realize fast push feed, work slow feed, positioning. When folding the first half of the steel pipe, the steel plate is fed from front to back. First, the step distance of each forming of the front feed and the step back distance of the rear feed must be determined. The value (should be an absolute value) is generally calculated in advance. And it is appropriate to verify through actual measurement. After the mold is pressed against the steel plate, the front and rear feeding mechanisms should perform an automatic back function. When forming the second half of the steel tube, the back feed is a step and the front feed is a step back. Only when the last one or two knives of the formed steel pipe need to be fed by means of the ejection mechanism in the middle of the lower die.

The jacking mechanism is mainly composed of 13 small oil cylinders and guide devices. There are two types, which are arranged in the lower die slot. One type is used for side discharge and lifting, and the other type is used for folding the last few of the steel pipe. When making a bend, cooperate with the front and back feeding to send the steel pipe to a suitable folding position.

The side discharge device consists of a hydraulic ejection device and a wire rope pull-out mechanism. The ejection device is located in the middle of the lower mold, which can hold the open pipe, and the steel wire rope of the circulating winch pulls the open pipe. This action requires human intervention to avoid overrun.

The foundation is an integral part of the machine tool. The machine provides the basic process drawing. This drawing has been provided to the user in advance. The user redesigns the basic construction drawing according to the local soil quality. See the relevant chapters for machine tool installation requirements.

I hope this article has helped you learn more about pipe forming press, if you want to learn more about pipe forming press or you need pipe forming press, pipe straightening press, tack welding machine remember to contact us.

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