Characteristics and usage of metal grooving machine
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Characteristics and usage of metal grooving machine

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Characteristics and usage of metal grooving machine

The metal grooving machine is chiefly used to groove a V-type slot on stainless steel sheet, aluminium plate, clad aluminium, copper plate and other metal plate.The metal grooving machine is designed and produced according to the special demand of medium-to high-grade metal plate decoration in the hotel, restaurant, drinkery, plaza, bank and airport industry. Let's talk about the characteristics and usage of the metal grooving machine.



The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Characteristics of metal grooving machine

  • Usage of metal grooving machine


1.  Characteristics of metal grooving machine:

(1) The metal grooving machine base and beam are designed with frame structure. The working table is made of 60mm low-alloy high-strength structural steel, and The frame is made of 20mm Q345 steel plate. The overall rigidity of The machine is good and it is firm and durable.

(2) The metal grooving machine is manufactured in strict accordance with The machining process of the machine tool, and the electric furnace is used for tempering to eliminate The welding stress and reduce the deformation of The equipment.

(3) The metal grooving machine uses sandblasting to ensure excellent finish.

(4) The metal grooving machine frame is clamping and formed by the imported CNC three-dimensional machining center, which ensures The parallelism and perpendicularity of each mounting surface.

(5) The metal grooving machine provides low noise and stable working condition. With double guide rail structure, The beam runs more smoothly

(6) The X axis of The metal grooving machine has the function of input control, so that The operator can better control the workpiece

(7) The metal grooving machine has a universal tool clamping mounting surface, which can meet the clamping requirements of various tools. White steel knives and alloy knives are interchangeable.

(8) The metal grooving machine mechanical parts adopt fixed hydraulic clamping system, using The flexible clamping and unloading equipment: high precision guidance system, function of position measurement system and hydraulic balance, as far as possible, meet the needs of processing board face from trauma, hydraulic pressure, pressure force is adjustable, compact and reliable, hydraulic system add accumulator compensation, motor clearance work, save energy and control The oil temperature.

(9) The metal grooving machine uses 4 knives to process the "V" groove, so The cutting amount is evenly distributed and the deformation of the workpiece is reduced. And optional micro cooling system, prolong the service life of the tool, reduce the production cost.

(10) The beam of the metal grooving machine adopts tin bronze helical gear, 45 steel forgings tempered inclined rack and QH silent guide, The moving speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and The cutting process is smooth and efficient.

(11) The metal grooving machine uses SFSR silent ball screw and QR roller heavy load linear guide, so The accuracy is high.

(12) The metal grooving machine can process both vertically and horizontally, and has a process to realize the positive and negative processing functions of The plates.

(13) The metal grooving machine can be completed by typing only the keyboard and the machining program. According to the operator and the material of different, can be used to adjust the processing speed, easy to operate the operator.

(14) The metal grooving machine can be used to understand the working process through The display screen.

(15) The metal grooving machine uses servo motors and sensors to ensure the safety of operators.

(16) When the metal grooving machine is abnormal, The alarm message on The display screen is easy to repair.

(17) The metal grooving machine can be used for machining only when the workpiece is put in and taken out, thus saving labor.

(18) The metal grooving machine table has the function of self-repairing. During The use, customers can plane the table according to their own requirements to ensure the machining accuracy.

(19) The metal grooving machine's electrical components are mainly imported from abroad and meet international standards. They are safe and reliable with long service life and strong anti-interference capability. The electric control cabinet is equipped with cooling device.


2. Usage of metal grooving machine:

(1) The metal grooving machine can open the v-shape on stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other metal sheet materials.

(2) Groove, make the workpiece edge arc radius smaller after bending, meet the requirements of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, silver.

(3) Special needs of high grade metal plate decoration in line, airport and other places.

(4) After the metal grooving machine opened a v-shaped groove for metal sheet metal, the load of the bending machine was reduced and the long sheet metal was reduced to a smaller ton.

(5) Bit bending machine can also be bent processing.

(6) The metal grooving machine can be used to mark grooves in metal sheet metal to compare the relevant technical dimensions of sheet metal bending.

(7) Predetermined bit mark, and then in the bending machine according to the mark line groove in advance for bending processing. In order to effectively ensure the accuracy of bending geometric dimensions.

(8) The metal grooving machine can accurately control the depth of grooving of metal sheet material, so that some special bending material types can be bent and formed on ordinary bending machines. If not slotted, some special material types in the ordinary bending machine will not be able to bend forming and not up to the design requirements, otherwise need to design a special mold to complete the work.

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