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Pipe Hydrostatic Tester

  • 4000T

Pipe Hydrostatic Tester

model Y93


    The hydrostatic tester adopts the most advanced technological process and technique, which is used to inspect the welding quality, relief the forming stress. The quality, production cost and every consuming index as well as labour efficiency can meet the requirements of technological process.

Main specifications:

Pipe length:8000~12200mm

Pipe Diameter:508~1422mm

Wall thickness:8 ~ 32mm

Steel grade: X70 up (API 5L)

Production capacity: 10,000 tons/ year


Technical parameter of machine

Outside diameter:φ508~φ1422 mm

Length:8~12.2 m

Testing pressure:3~25MPa

Pressure keeping time:5~30s

Seal type:End face seal

Testing medium:Water

Operating mode: Manual, automatic

Max. loading capacity of hydrostatic tester:4000 T

Taking Time: 10pcs/h

Precision of control:≤0.4MPa


Water requirement

Total consumed value : 300L/h

Inlet temperature of cool water : ≤ 33 °C

Testing pressure and flushing of pipe : Use level: 120 m3(recycling operation)

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