How to use a plate edge milling machine correctly?
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How to use a plate edge milling machine correctly?

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How to use a plate edge milling machine correctly?

There are many machines used in machining. Different machines have different uses and different methods of operation.This article will introduce the correct use of a plate edge milling machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:


Check before commissioning

Test drive




1.Read this instruction manual carefully, compare it with the real thing, and be familiar with the main structure, performance and use method, especially keep the location of the emergency stop switch everywhere, in case of accident, you can press the emergency stop switch.

2.Carefully clean and wipe off all oil stains on the machine.

3. Clean the oil tank and fill with N46 ordinary hydraulic oil filtered with a 100-mesh oil filter to reach the upper part of the oil standard.

4. Inspect the lubricating parts according to the content of the lubricating part in the instruction manual, and do the lubricating work such as adding lubricant.

5. Connect the power supply according to the instructions in the instruction manual (electrical part).

6. Check carefully whether the implementation of the above items is complete and thorough.

Check before commissioning

1. Check whether the bolts of the machine tool are loose.

2. Check whether the bolts, screws, nuts and other fasteners of the machine tool are loose or fall off.

3. Check whether the position of the alignment device is adjusted well.

4. Check whether the clamping action of the feed car trolley is reliable and whether the opening meets the thickness requirements of the steel plate.

5. Check whether the position of the sliding unit of the milling unit is adjusted well and whether the action of the locking cylinder is sensitive and reliable.

6. Check whether the position of each travel switch is adjusted, whether the impact block is tightened loosely, and whether the state is normal.

7. Check and remove any debris that hinders the operation of the feed truck.

8. Check whether the opening and position of the pressing roller of the milling unit meet the thickness requirements of the milled steel plate. It is recommended to adjust the distance between the mechanical limit and the fixed frame to be greater than the thickness of the steel plate by 0.5-1mm.

 Test drive

(1) No-load test run

After checking and confirming that all parts of the machine are correct, turn on the machine according to the instructions in the manual (electrical part).

1. Pilot the oil pump motor, main DC motor, roller motor, and feeder motor in sequence on the control panel of the power distribution cabinet (t ≤ 1 second) to check whether the motor rotation is the same as the direction indicated by the rotation direction sign on the oil pump, if different The direction of the motor must be changed by changing the phase sequence of the motor connection. The correct direction of the oil pump is to face the oil pump and extend the shaft. It must be clockwise.

2. Turn on the power and check whether the indicators of the electrical system are on and whether the electrical components are normal.

3. Pilot move the buttons on the control panel of the operation cabinet one by one, and observe whether the actual actions of each actuator and the actions expressed by the words on the buttons are consistent.

4. Start the oil pump and run it idly for 10 minutes.

5. Operate the clamp cylinder, the trolley unlock cylinder, the milling unit unlock cylinder, the pressure roller tension cylinder and the centering cylinder 20 times, and check whether there are any abnormal conditions such as jams.

6. Start the main DC motor of the milling unit for 10 minutes, and check the operation of the cutter head for any abnormal sound.

7. Start the servo motor of the centering device, reciprocate the centering beam 10 times, check the running position and accuracy of the centering beam, whether the parts of the transmission part work normally, and whether there is abnormal noise.

8. Start the roller motor to rotate 20 times, and observe whether the work is normal and whether there is abnormal noise.

(2) Load test

1. First, the width B of the steel plate after processing should be determined according to the diameter of the steel pipe made by the steel plate:

B = ( DA-S )xπx(100%-η)

Among them: DA is the outer diameter of the steel pipe

      S is the thickness of the steel plate

      η is the diameter expansion rate η = 1.0%-1.12%

Adjust the opening distance of the two milling heads (milling cutter head) according to the value of B. If the position of the two milling heads is centered, the two movements should be moved by the same distance during the adjustment.

2. Adjust the initial position of the centering beam according to the width B of the steel plate bad material. The original parking opening distance of the centering beam is recommended:

    L = B + 200 mm

3. According to the thickness of the steel plate and the required edge shape, adjust the movement of the pressure roller. The indenter is installed at the front of the milling unit. The amount of downward adjustment of the pressure roller is approximately equal to the amount of the cutter head raised relative to the steel plate surface. For the initial test run, the method of trial cut can be carried out. After the measurement, it is decided that the cutter head should be up or down, the hand wheel rotates once, and the roller rises or falls 2mm, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the requirements.

4. Adjustment of spindle speed and feed speed

The adjustment of the spindle speed is a DC speed regulation system, while the feed car's feed speed adjustment is an AC frequency conversion speed regulation system, which can achieve stepless speed regulation.

As for the spindle speed, please refer to the cutting manual for the selection of feed speed. The calculated rated parameters are:

Steel plate thickness δ=20mm

Unilateral machining allowance B’=5mm

Spindle speed n1=80 revolutions/min

Feeding speed V1 = 2000mm/min

Work under this parameter, the machine should be normal, change one of the parameters, other parameters should be properly adjusted.

5. Adjustment of clamping force of pressure roller, clamping force of clamp, etc.

The clamping force of the indenter and pressure roller and the clamping force of the clamp are all provided by the hydraulic cylinder. In the work, the pressure of the hydraulic system can be reduced according to the actual situation, as long as the milling can be carried out normally.

6. Installation of cutter head blade

The cutter head is a shaped cutter head, and the width of the blunt edge should be adjusted properly when the middle blade is installed. The service life of the tool is under the condition of calculating the parameters. During normal processing, the service life of each surface of each group of blades is about 8 hours. The cutting parameters should be paid attention to during use, and the blade should be replaced in time. When the blade is installed, the machine is equipped with an auxiliary tooling tool changer. The blades on the coaxial cross section should be located on the same circle with an error ≤0.05mm.

Only after the above items are adjusted and qualified, can the load test run to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

I hope this article is helpful for you to understand the plate edge milling machine. When operating the plate edge milling machine, be sure to follow the operating rules and pay attention to safety matters.If you happen to need a plate edge milling machine, pipe hydrostatic tester, pipe calibration press please contact us.

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