Functions of orchard fan
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Functions of orchard fan

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Functions of orchard fan

 Orchard fan is an orchard of fruit trees surrounding air temperature, humidity of agricultural machinery and equipment, adopting physical interference method, mixed air on lower level inside the small environment, adjust temperature uniformity around all fruit orchards, orchard fan increases the ventilation rate of fruit trees, is beneficial to the growth of fruit trees, improve the quality of the fruit. This article mainly introduces functions of orchard fan.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Functions of orchard fan

Orchard fan can raise the temperature of the orchard

Orchard fan can slow down the thaw

Orchard fan can increase production


Frost is a short-term cold disaster caused by the southward movement of cold air or radiation cooling, which causes the temperature of soil and plant surface and surrounding air layer to drop below 0℃ in a short time, resulting in plant damage or death.In recent years, due to the influence of global climate warming, frosts frequently occur in warm winter years and late spring, and the frequency of frosts in the germination or flowering period of crops increases gradually, which brings serious economic losses to agricultural production.At this time,orchard fan came into being,orchard fan greatly reduces the agricultural loss, let's understand the functions of orchard fan.


1.  Functions of orchard fan

1.  Orchard fan can raise the temperature (prevent frosting) : after sunset, there will be a "temperature inversion" in the vertical direction of the orchard, and the air temperature above is obviously higher than the near stratum. The automatic control of the orchard fan will continuously send warm air from the upper layer to the lower layer to raise the temperature and prevent frosting.

2.  Orchard fan can relieve the frost: after sunrise, frozen plant tissues will thaw rapidly as the temperature rises, causing further cell damage. Delaying orchard fan operation can slow down the thaw.

3.  Orchard fan can promote fertility: under the frost, liquid plants (leaves, flowers, buds) radiate a lot of heat, and the surface temperature of plants is generally 1~1.5℃ lower than the temperature. Through air disturbance, the temperature difference between the surface of plants and the air can be reduced, which is conducive to promoting stable fertility rhythm, thus improving the quality and early production.

4.  Orchard fan can increase revenue steadily: orchard fan can be picked early and balanced on the market, which is conducive to revenue.


2.  Orchard fan can raise the temperature of the orchard

According to the survey on the use of orchard fan and orchard fan's orchard with automatic temperature recorder to record test, fruit tree canopy over the near surface temperature and the temperature in the evening after 7 m location fell sharply, but the surface of the orchard near the temperature drops faster, more drop, appear obvious inversion phenomenon, the difference between temperature difference at different times.The lowest temperature in the vicinity of the orchard where orchard fan is not used occurs between 23:00 on the same day and 3:00 am the next day, when the minimum temperature drops to -1.5c.In the orchard, fan area orchard fan effectively will be higher temperature inversion layer of air flows to the surface, universal coverage canopy, the disturbance in the air, to disperse the cold air and leaves the surface formation of dew, improve the near surface temperature, the lower the humidity of the air near the tree fruits, delayed the lowest temperature frost protection zone to 0:00, when the temperature remained in 1.2 C, with short time, only 30 minutes.The temperature reached 1.7c at 0:30 and has been kept above 2.0c ever since.So orchard fan has the effect of raising the temperature of the orchard.

3.  Orchard fan can slow down the thaw

Fruit trees by the cold injury, sun temperature quickly picks up, the sun on the fruit tree canopy, the tree body quickly absorb a lot of heat and temperature, canopy under 6 ~ 8 m high and create high. Low temperature inversion, at this point, the frost of the plant tissue varies with the temperature rise and rapid thawing, causing a further mechanical damage of fruit trees bud cells.At this time, use orchard fan to blow the cool air over the orchard to the tea tree canopy after sunrise to slow down the frost rate and reduce the secondary freezing damage of the buds and leaves.


 4.  Orchard fan can increase production

Orchard fan is proved to be able to turn on automatically when the temperature drops to 3C~4C. Generally, a cold spell lasts for 3~4 days. At this stage, orchard fan's warming effect can reduce the influence of environmental temperature changes on the growth of fruit trees.The increase of orchard growth can not only make the orchard mining 3~5 days earlier to seize the morning market and raise the price, but also increase the amount of growth has a certain increase, can improve the output, increase production and increase income, improve visibility.

I hope this article is helpful for you to understand orchard fan's functions. If you need high quality orchard fan,Press Brake, Shearing Machine please do not hesitate to contact us.

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