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With the continuous market demand for steel lighting poles, power poles and communication towers, large CNC press brake including Press brake in tandem are increasingly valued by people.      
As one of the world's leading manufacturers of steel lighting poles, power poles and communication poles, Valmont's choice to the manufacturer of CNC Press brake in tandem highlights the position of the manufacturer in the world as well as the high-end requirements and developing trend for the lighting and power pole industry.
During 2007 2015, Valmont ( purchased 5 sets of large CNC press brakes from TSD for its only factory in India (Valmont Structures Pvt. Ltd.) and two factories in Shandong and Guangdong, China, including
2-WE67K-1600/8500 DNC600
WE67K-1200/13000 DNC600
2-WE67K-1200/8000 DNC600
2-WE67K-1200/8000 DA56
WE67K-400/4000 DA56
Full rigidity designing to main parts incl.working table, uprights and ram
Large throat & opening height
Automatic mechanical compensation on table
Conical tooling
Polygonal tooling
Motorized front and back feeding system
High precison CNC system with full closed loop control
Automatic out-feeding system
Reference: Valmont (India) Structures Pvt.Ltd.


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